Your baby’s stool


Your baby's stool

Your baby’s first bowel movement will be dark green or black and very sticky. This is called meconium. Once he starts feeding, his stool will gradually turn into normal baby poop.
Your baby’s stool should change gradually from tarry-black meconium to a yellowy color by the time he’s five days old. This is the sign that your baby is getting enough milk. Exclusively breastfed babies have watery, yellow stool with little lumps of what look like curdled milk. As long as your baby is exclusively breastfeeding, the stool smells sweet and came come anywhere between several times a day to once a week. Both scenarios are completely normal.
If the color of your baby’s stool changes suddenly and you notice mucous or blood in his stool, it can be the sign of an illness or allergy. Speak to your doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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